Leah is a state school in London an ordinary publicly funded neighbourhood drawn school? What Canadians call public school ( vs. privately paid tuition school)?

What is an academy school? So much nomenclature, and different by country. Charter schools, boarding schools, grammar schools....

And if you will indulge me>

I am Canadian and passionately against the growth of private schools, which just seems like forms of segregation to me. I know I sound outdated and idealistic, all okay with me.

Even the public schools in Toronto are segregated by income, because the city has different incomes in different neighbourhoods. But at least the funding is provincial and distributed by school need, [and not by micro municipal local tax bases, rewarding wealthy neighbourhoods or towns].Schools with financially strapped students, and higher ESL needs, will get more funding. Of course the whole system is struggling for funds as we try not to increase taxes.

Thank god for public schools, libraries, and public health, all under threat.

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That was wonderful. What a remarkable young woman. May the world fill up with millions more like her. Thank you for sharing that.

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Look at me sniffling into my morning coffee. What a lovely and talented young woman. Almost makes me believe in the indomitable human spirit.

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What a sweetie. Lucky Solly to have such a dear human for a teacher.

I didn’t cry but I had a silly grin from start to finish.

Thanks for posting.

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Wow, what a lovely young woman. She really would be the very best teacher ever. Her joie de vivre is contagious❤️

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...lotsa pollen today. Thanks for sharing ❤️

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